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Operating Hours 830AM-4AM. Within 3Mins Service Guaranteed!!!



There is no words of me on how thankful am I to bro Romeo. When he can help he will go all way out to help you. This is something what we call go to extra mile service. I am greatful to him and no words can describe how thankful I am.

Mr M

Always delighted

Those who know bro remeo, will know that he always glad to assist you anything that within his means. Been betting on his side more than 2 years and still counting. Always prefer his service if serving better than other bet site. No nonsense and fast efficient way of getting back to you when you have queries. Kudos!


good service

response is good and fast. reliable and happy with the service provided


Best agent

Today won $1000, just sms and money in after a few min. Super fast service. Happy new year bro huat

Poor man :p

Best trustable agent

Romeo is understanding, fast and a good agent Withdrawal is fast and very understanding.


Super touched

Bro remeo really helped me out big time today. Was surprised that he really go to extra mile for a customer though me and him not related. Really appreciate what he did for me and i wish everyone a good new lunar new year. Huat ah!

Mr X

resortbet reviews

fastest cashout yet again by this next senior agent


Resortbet Review

service is getting better and better withdrawal of a few k daily without much problem and all done within mins.. thumbs up for you guys!! cheers


Efficient and friendly service

Stopped for 1mth+, Old account still active so top up money and amount is credited within 3mins. Next day morning requested for withdrawal and bank account has the winnings in 10mins. Keep it up!


Best agent

Cashout is super fast Next old bird agent


Fast in deposit and withdrawal!!

communication was fast and his replies are swift!! will continue to support !


Fast Withdrawal & great Services!!

was fast in deposit and withdrawal!! all done within mins :) Thumbs Up for bro!!


Best bet in town

Romeo bro is always gladly to assist you with any queries. Been with resort bet station for more than 2 years and service quality is always up up there. Fast and efficient in all aspects. Up or down in bet is just a cycle but what’s matter is the service attitude which some I got it from elsewhere. Will continue to support bro Romeo always. Huat ah!

Happy feet

Fast and easy

Very easy to access fast transfer within 5min after given you account top up also within 5min ..


Super fast service

Today ask for my winning $1300, very fast service after a few sms, money is in within 5min. Please look for him for any Soccer betting


Best of the best

Today finally withdraw &100 only after a Long Long time without winning. So message the agent bro to withdraw and so fast within 3min money in. On normal deposit day when I want to play and bet Soccer he will also be very money money in my Soccer account. One of the best bro here.


Fast withdraw

Got my withdraw in less than 10mins. Amount 4900. Best agent


Good customer service

Positive review here =) Tried out this website for the first time, deposited $500 on Saturday and requested for withdrawal $1148 total on Sunday. Received $148 within 10mins and $1K in 1.5hr time. Thanks Bro!


Reliable Agent

Agent Romeo is one bookmaker whom U can always rely on! Fast withdrawal and good customer service as always


Another withdrawal successfully done!

Yes another successful withdrawal done. This time 4k. Trust this guy and no one else. Like what other bris here had mentioned, he will get your withdrawal done within an hour no horse run ah


Trust No one but him!

Had been with this agent for donkey years. Really thankful for fast deposit and guaranteed withdrawal. You won't go wrong with this agent. Forget about playing with other non established agent who's out to just cheat your money when you win big they won't pay. This gentlemen here is nice, kind, straightforward and most importantly he treat his business very seriously.


fast withdrawal!

try this agent from 888 since it have many good review..deposited 2k and won 12450..ask for withdrawal the next morning..settle my $450 straight away and the 12k within an hour man..good coustomer service and i will stick to them for now! 22/11

zhi hao


Response and transfer was fast


Great Agent

Joined this agent few months ago. Great services. And max and minimium deposit is just right. Great works to resort bet.


Instant Withdrawal

Request for a transfer and was completed within 5 mins! Great service!!!


Steady agent

Have been with Bro Resort for about 1 month and have been steady so far. Appreciate the small little things that he did even though did not request. Thanks!


Swee swee

Payment received 1 minute after requesting withdrawal. Tip top service as usual, hats down to u guys, will continue to support ah!


fast withdarw

win some quick cash with some big bet. fast withdraw.


Another Huge Withdrawal

Hi all, Over a week, Deposited about 18k to bro romeo with 2k deposits every time, just withdrew another 23k. Although overall win 5k, but still super Thumbs up for the speedy top ups. This agent is really trustworthy.



Just received 11k from him. Although I have deposited 10k to him. Still, big amount and received it fast. THanks and keep it up bro.


Fast reliable efficient

Fast topup within 5mins response. Fast cash withdrawal for small amount. Had been using this agent for at least half a year. Very reliable no matter how much cash withdrawal


Steady no horse run

Requested to withdraw $950 in the morning and just few minutes money is in. Best agent ever!


Another day of joy

Another day of withdrawal and it is always a splendid day coordinating with bro remeo. Fast and efficient response from him whenever u need to top up or withdraw from account. Reliable trustworthy one stop site that u can entrust them with. No questions asked and totally good services. No jokes on this and u can prove me wrong if u don't agree. 100% total satisfaction.

Smiling customer

efficient and good service

Glad that I had the service of bro Romeo. Fast response, easy and straightforward service. You never will regret choosing them.


Two thumbs up!

Fast n efficient in his services regardless of withdrawal or depositing A reliable agent... i will strongly recommend him.. Bro two thumbs up


Fast n furious

Withdrawal fast n furious!!thumbs up


80k withdrawal no problem

80k withdrawal done in less than 1.5 hours. I don't think anyone can do that. Not even Singapore pools. Most trusted agent I meet


Best in singapore jb some say batam

This guy, no horse run. I still student, small leg. He still entertain my request. Request to trf in within 3 min. Request to withdraw even faster. Thank you brother. Support all the wY.


Service given worth more then anything else!!

Glad to receive their fast replies and fast deposit/withdrawal service!! :)


Best of the best agent in market

I must give 2 thumbs up for best fast and efficient agent i ever come across well done bro thanks for the effort


Very best resortbet

very fast deposit and withdrawal will highly recommended to FRIEND.😉

Ah ho

Good service

provide fast and good service. reply within 3 minutes. highly recommended.


Best bookmaker in spore

30k done in less than 2 hour after asking to withdraw


Super kind agent and good website

Been using the service for past 3 months very fast abd reliable. I missed the withdrawal timing slightly still helped me on adhoc basis. Very good service! :)


Fast and reliable

Been with resort for more than 1 year. Excellent services especially in withdrawal. Within 2 min, creditedto my account. Very well done!


Speedy query and assistance

Super great service whenever I have queries or assistance to ask bro remeo. He never failed to assist you whenever he could. Been years since I started off and I have never regret choosing to place bets with bro remeo. Kudos

Mr M

Instant Withdrawal !!

Request to withdraw $1100. Credit in 2 mind!! Great service!!!!


Excellent Services

Did a top up last night, within 3 min tip up done. Did a withdrawal this morning, wow within 1 min received!! Excellent Services! Support You always..

Jam Jam


Steady agent and willing to listen to opinions. Top up and withdrawal have been prompt. 加油!


honest review

i have been supporting resort for few years since its opening due to the long deposit hours. from 8am to 4am. top up is fast. just did a withdrawal of 18000. keep up the good work bro resort. played with him because of the 2k max bet. highly recommended.


Fast & Steady!

Friday i wanted to withdraw some of my winnings urgently at before 1pm but didnt know Friday only until 1130am. Told bro Romeo needed withdraw out urgently he helped me make special for me once let me withdraw! really grateful! Today Saturday withdraw $1k+ money in within 3mins! super fast :D best agent so far :)


Nice steady Agent

He is the only best agent among all the web. Steady, fast and reliable


Super steady

1 word= steady.


Good Service & Fast Withdrawal.

request for withdrawal got it within 5mins! super fast! top up also fast and reply fast too. so far so good one of the best agent around :)


Feel Appreciated

Well when it comes to service quality, I can say no other sites' service are better than bro Romeo. I started years ago and get to know some other sites but seriously none as good as him. No matter what's your queries, as long he can answer, he will do so. I truly appreciate on his services level and its truly from my heart. Always feel comfortable dealing with him of his most speedy and efficient services. Thank u.

Mr. M

Good job resortbet

Good service and trusted agent, deposit or draw out cash was fast. Thx romeo bro

Choon yong

Quality service

Been supporting bro remeo for years and still counting. Time flies so fast and it has been years, no complain at all towards his service. Nothing but good service rendered to me. Appreciate his help and he always there to assist you during his operating hours. No horse run kind and you won't be disappointed. Kudos and will continue to support all the way.

Happy man

Fast and reliable service

Was lucky and won abit. Requested withdrawal and received $$$ in lightning speed.Highly recommended and reliable! Thumbs Up!


best agent around

deal with this Bro you will know you can hardly find another agent that does withdraw and deposit in a flash.think I have deal with him for years and definitely counting on.cheers bro huat huat


Best of the best!

Fast response and good service.


Best of the best!

Fast response and good service.


Fast n furious

After more than 2 years of betting, finally withdraw my first 4 digit amt ~1k. As usual money in within 10min. Response is usually fast as well.


Good job resortbet

Everytime deposit or withdrawal all very fast really enjoy with Resortbet. Thanks romeo bro👍👍👍

Choon yong

Withdrawl winnings

Bro Romeo always efficient in processing withdrawal once i need to withdrawl my winnings..within five mins is done, so glad to choose resortbet than sg pools, odds is better and more choice to bet and able to watch live rather than being controlled by sg pools. Support bro romeo!


Great service and respond from rb

Having some personal issue today. Request cash out at a kinda late timing. And bro resortbet being very understanding and help me cash out. Money come in in 1min. Very fast and good agent. Been playiny with him for almost 2 years. Keep it up bro !


Reliable and never disappoint

Had done 2 withdrawals of more than 3K. Prompt and very reliable. Also always deposit win bonus automatically without needing to ask. Pls support bro Romeo!


good guy

withdraw fast and the customer service is tip top. Those who want can partonise him


thank you romeo bro

Just pure luck manage to win few times of my capital deposit...msg to our dearest bro and less than 5 mins money transfer to my bank acc... well done bro...thanks for your effciency those who havent have any acount with our brother here...can consider open thanks


Efficiency is way better than sg pools

Tired of excuses more than badminton bookmarker? Look no more if you are sick and afraid of such bookmarker. With resortbet, you will not have all these worries cos they are a team of professionals. Always ready to serve and assist you. Sometimes I lost and need top up my account, the bro who is assisting me, always has the nice service attitude to communicate with you. It just brighten up my day and I don't feel pressure at all. I appreciate the services that I had so far. Keep it up the good work. Thank you all.

Mr happy man

Good job resortbet

Jus withdrawal 2700 jus now and fast reply and this really fast withdrawal jus 2min only transfer in my bank already keep a good job romeo bro 👍👍👍

Choon yong

Always ready to serve customer services

Just done a withdrawal of 2.2k and was held up by match clearance. Texted bro for assistance and no glimmick to shun you away when you need their help. Been with this bookmarker for more than a year and I am still an happy customer since day 1. You will see elsewhere a lot of reasons to prevent you from withdrawing your winnings but over here, no such things. Would like to extend my thanks to their team for being so professional. Efficiency better than sg pool

Sibei happy customer

Good service

Withdrawal was quick and fast to respone


Good service

Quick response and friendly


Best agent for 3 years and counting.

3rd withdrawal of the week, this time withdraw 2k also within minutes its banked in. Not to forget that he doesnt forget about adding in 5% winning bonus to our accounts daily without fail. Kudos to resort staffs. Keep up the good work.


Fast as usual

2nd withdrawal this week, and as usual,within 1 or 2 minutes received payment. Kudos to the staffs working hard around the clock to provide such professional services and ensuring each customer's needs are met.


Fast and reliable

This morning manage to win few hundreds from sports..whatsapp our steady brother and guess what within 2 mins money in bank Bravo and good job Thanks a lot bro


Good service

Good payout and deposit without any delay


Impressive service

Efficient and effective, payouts guaranteed with minimal to no delay.


Reliable agent, fast deposit and withdrawal.

Reliance and honest agent, always fast deposit and withdrawal and never once forget to pay out my 5% winning bonus. Some other agent usually will act blur and kaysiao on that but not for Resortbet! Thumbsup


Reliable and effective

Reliable agent! Have never encountered any problem with deposit and withdrawals. Available til late as well.


Fast in everything

This agent if you r his customer you should know he is: Fast in helping us to Top-up Fast in withdrawal Fast in response What else do we still need from an agent Betting at his site you can always bet with ease Thanks bro


My operator for the last 3years

Steady n efficient, won 7k and deposit into my acct within 15mins. Most reliable sporting operator I ever come across. They are here to stay, no regret, better than Singapore pools!


Superior services

Excellence services as usual. Always ready to assist you and friendly attitude. Always top up and withdraw winnings at fast pace. No nonesense when u won and want to withdraw. This is what I like about them.

Happy feet

Fast deposit and withdrawal

Withdrawal done within 15 minutes, fast and hassle free. Trusted agent


Reliable agent

No horse run when it come to withdrawal.



Steady and fast agent. Withdraw no problem at all. Very very steady


80k withdrawal done in less than an hour

Most trusted agent I met. 80k withdraw done in less than an hour. I don't think even Singapore pools can do that.


80k withdrawal no problem

80k withdrawal done in less than 1.5 hours. I don't think anyone can do that. Not even Singapore pools. Most trusted agent I meet


Fast withdrawal

Deposit 750 and won 4k..bro resort settle it and deposit in to my bank within an 1hr! Cheers to him!

ah hao

Service given worth more then anything else!!

Glad to receive their fast replies and fast deposit/withdrawal service!! :)


fast withdrawal

Deposit 100 and withdraw 350 the next day. Got the money within 10mins


Fast cash and trustable website

A website that is 100% trustable and cash out within guaranteed 3min.

Football pro

Fast withdrawal steady agent

Have been playing with resort bet for months and they are really steady and do fast withdrawal within 5 mins received. Ur trustable and definitely the best agent.


Preferred Agent

Fast withdrawal. Received in 2mins. Good sportsbook platform with great features and options. Personally, my preferred agent


Good Service.

A trusted and sincere agent, deliver every withdrawal within 3min no matter what's the amount.



very good



Withdrew another 1.5k today, only took 1 minute, fastest agent ever known of! If you havent try them out, please do so and you wont regret it.


Good service

Quick and fast to entertain customer



Very fast response be it top up or withdrawal. Keep up the good work!


A excellent experience with resortbet

Had a very good experience with this website. Smooth cash-in and cash-out responses and have never had any problems obtaining feedback from the server administration. Will recommend people to try this website for their excellent service and trustworthiness.

Ah ho

Never see this type of agent in my whole life

Cashing out is the fastest i ever encountered.. Best ever agent with awesome customer service


Thumb up

What can i say about this agent? Good Fast in reply regard topup and withdraw!!! Hard working people 8.30 still sleeping but he already start notch service...highly recommend...thanks bro


Good services and friendly

With resortbet for quite awhile, I would say they have a great treat to assist you with any queries. Always ready to answer them as and when. Appreciate it lots and I will continue to support. No nonsense when you request to withdraw. Good efforts!



Fast and good service


good service provided and had alot fun.

Had a lot of fun playing and was given good service for the doubts i have. Highly recommended.

ming wei

Great betting site

Fast deposit and transfer + winning bonus!


Best agent

Happy new year to all,I must say this is the best agent you can ever had..though the bonus is not as attractive but he is the most reliable agent and what to say..,some more he does operate during Chinese new year...those who are looking for reliable agent,don't hesitate on our bro resortbet Huat ah


Superb and steady agent

Been winning n losing with bro resort for a long time. Usually are small amount transactions, today won $5000, msg him at 830am and money is in before 930am. Time is about an hour of waiting but that is not the point. The point is that the assurance that he gave me. Really the most steady n superb agent I came across. If u guys looking for any agent around, that will be him.


reliable agent

fast withdrawal upon request, top notch service with no gimmicks involved. highly recommended


Best agent

9122 8898 Hp One of the best services I have as after 1 week of losing money, finally won for the first time this morning and ask for withdrawal of $2800. Service was fast within less than 1 hour money inside my bank liao. Thank bro highly recommend.

Ah Lim

5k SGD drawn

Just withdraw 5k SGD although its long 35mins but hey 5k SGD is not a small amount. Happy new year!


Best website ever

I must comment this is the best website I ever used. Say so much useless, try then you will know.


Great excellence service

This bet site service really sibei bo bei zhao. Nice agent to entertain all ur enquiries and no glimmicks when you want to withdraw ur winnings. Many other agents I came across always have a lot of problems when it comes to withdrawing ur winning. E.g. Give u shit attitude or thousand reasons to refrain u from doing so. For resort bet, u don't need to worry about these issues so bet with confidence and trust. Kudos!

Happy boy

Good service betting

Fast response. Good service. Fast cash withdrawal. If u looking for a betting site this is the right place for you. Try it for 1 month very reliable


resort bet great service

this agent did a remarkable thing for me. got out of his way and helped me to withdraw. kudos to him. cheers money in in 5 minutes


Nothing can beat his service top notch

Have been follow this top notch agent for a year plus...must say best you can get in the market...good job keep up the good work my friend Thanks


resortbet un-name staff

Say much no use. Try them and u will know. Best agent ever. Players will 100% agree after try.

u know who

Excellent Resortbet

Best agent i ever encounter. Everything done promptly. Answer all ur questions patiently. Lose them also i happy. But of course i hope i win la. Nvr regret to be with them. Bro remeo. u should know is who post la hor✌😀


One word: BEST

2nd withdrawal of the week, and always been impressed with how fast their withdrawal is. Withdrew 1.8k and 2k on 2 days, within minutes the money is in. Look no further, if you're looking for honest agent with good service, Resort is definitely your only choice.



fast and efficent agent. just with them for about 1 month nvr ever once failed to reply, deposit, cash out more den 2mins. average is almost 1mins really very efficent. excelllent agent ever.


Resortbet Bro remeo best agent

extremly fast in all. resopond, deposit, cash out. excellent service. u ask many many questions also will reply u immediately and patiently. Not all but some agents wun be bother to answer u so many question. Try them if u looking or wanted to try a new agent. u will nvr regret


Good and fast

They are very good and fast.



efficent, excellent service, extremly fast cash out. strongly recommeneded. will never ever change agent again after tried out so many. 5% bonus on ur winning without any turn over is the best. won 2k still got $100 bonus. wow


Bro Romeo helpful with 5 STARS SERVICES

Before opening an account, asked Bro Romeo a dozen of a questions and he was eager to answer all my doubts and assured me that my winnings will be cashed out within a few mins from 9am to 1pm daily. Strongly recommend Bro Romeo if anyone needs a trusted bookmaker!


impressive service

requested for a withdrawal of 2k, no questions asked and transaction was made within minutes. Impressive service, highly recommended to all punters out there


resortbet birthday bonus

today is my birthday and i just joke wif bro Remeo. unexpectedly, he gave me extra credit. where gt such agent? and his service is really extremly excellent. further more, there will be a 5% bonus of the amount u won without any condition.tis 5% applies to every kaki of resortbet. strongly recommended. fast fund in and cash out. all within 1min.


resortbet good better best

deposit $1k. show hand. match left 15 mins. won. cash out immediately. bro remeo tt within 1min. if other agent aure feel troublesome. jist deposit den cash out so fast. bt bro remeo still congrats me for winning. 5% bonus for the winning wif no condition. i just 1st time open acc wif him. will use resortbet from nw onwards. strongly reccomended to anyone looking for good agent


Best in the market

This bro really no word to describe I must say he is the best in the market Earliest in the market What are you waiting for try his service and who knows you might be the next winner Kudos


Bro Romeo (Resortbet)

only 2 word EXTREMLY EXCELLENT. Try them once and u will know and not regret


resorbet (EXCELLENT)

get 5% bonus on ur winning with no turnover or any condition. fast respond Excellent service. Best agent ever.


best agent

talk more no use. try it and u will know amd will not regret. 5% bonus on ur winning without any turnive or condirion. deposit, credit in within 5secs. cash out within 1mim reply within 10sec. the nest agent i ever have. resortbet. well done. cheers


Fast and reliable choice

This bro is fast and reliable for deposit and withdrawal... ur number 1 choice.. thank bro romeo for ur effiency


Best agent i ever have. (resortbet)

Their operation time is 8.30am-3am. where to find such timing agent? reply within 1min. deposit ans cash out within 3mins. normally is also within 1mins. win still gt give u t% of the amount u win with no condition. no turn over, nth at all. where to find? if anyone finding for a new agent, i would strongly recommemd resortbet.


Amazingly fast speed

Just have to tell him account number and amount and number presto....your $ is in within 2 mins. Will keep using :)



efficeint and trusteable agent. cash out withing 1mins. just cash out $8000. Also abt 40sec i receive their msg done. best agent. u will nt regret


best agent resortvet

really immediate respomd. operation hours till 3am. fast cash out amd deposit within 1min most of the time. 99.9% will be 1min. even delay also.less den 5 mins. wanna open acc, u can try them. best agent i ever had


Unbelievable Service

Having been betting online for 10 over years, I have never encounter a service provider better than Resortbet. Whenever how late I want to make deposit, he is always available. No matter how much my winnings are, all I have to do is provide the bank account to transfer to and it will be in within 5 minutes. I have no worries about depositing thousands of dollars for deposit as I know that I can get my winnings when I win big.


Fast withdrawal

2nd time withdrawal. Super fast transfer! Excellent top up and withdrawal services! Also 5% winning bonus. Will keep support.. Thank You


best agent fast payout

good platform and quick payout by bro resort! within 5 min!


Best Agent

3rd withdrawal of the week and still service was the best, fast topup, fast withdrawal, support til the end ah!!


Simply the best!

Requested for withdrawal this morning, within a minute informed me that money is in. Superb service with daily winning bonus, go where to find such agent? Only at Resort. :)



Have been follow this brother for quite some time still the safest and best service in the market thumb up for you bro, Cheers Strongly recommend for those who are looking for reliable agent


Fast and reliable choice

This bro is fast and reliable for deposit and withdrawal... ur number 1 choice.. thank bro romeo for ur effiency


Tip top service.

Fast and reliable topups and withdrawals, always less than 5 minute and i got my money ready. Requested to withdraw at 12pm, 4 minutes later its inside my account.


Thumbs up

Reliable and prompt as usual,regardless withdraw or top up,no horse run.cheers


its a belated review for bro resort.

i had an account with him for quite some time and of course i win and lose..... seldom post fr review for him but this time as requested i will do so. he a nice guy, can talk cock with him and withdrawal are prompt and needless to say, top ups are fast too. thumbs up for him. those who wanted to find a nice and reliable agent can find him.


Thumbs Up For This Agent

Betting with agent quite some time, most reliable and prompt reply to all enquiries. Bet with a peace of mind.... Cheers Bro


Good services & fast withdrawal

just withdraw from resortbet within mins is done, good job bro. thanks for your good services.


Good service

Really cool resort I jus withdrawal today so far so good, keep up the great service bro :)

Ah Lee

Good service

Really highly recommended great service, every time i make a deposit or withdrawal is super fast thanks u resort..

Ah Lee

fast withdrawal

fantastic agent. withdrawal made in mins. gv him any bank he will put the money in. thk u


Good service

Very nice service top up and withdrawal all very fast jus take, like i withdrawal 2 time jus take about 5min this is really good service really enjoy with Resortbet must try never try never know...

Ah Lee

Top notch

Prompt and reliable.thumbs up highly recommended agent


Top notch service by our brother

Lately always Top up last minute in closing time and our brother still manage to help me Top up...good service...well manage to withdraw my capital it's all done within few minutes...keep it up bro...thanks for the service


Good Services

Good Services & fast withdrawal. Thmubs up. huat888!!!!


good service

No horse run services! This is my 4th time withdraw in a row. The services is still good. Thanks bro. Huat888


Huat huat

This agent is responsive and friendly.... more importantly reliable.... keep it up bro... huat88888


as usual fast withdrawal

Another withdrawal from Resort Bet bro. Same as before done within min. Huat888!!!


good service

Another withdraw today,as usual fast withdrawal within 2-3min. Good job!!! No horse run!!! Huat888!!!


fast withdrawal & good service

Just withdraw from Resort Bet with 2min money in the amount is not huge but i can say good and fast response time. Good work Resort Bet keep it up. Trustable agent!!!


Most excellent service

I would like to commend resort bet for the best services I ever seen. Longest operation hours, almost 24 hours. I made a quick withdrawal request yesterday morning and within 5 min, the transfer was done. OMG, what a surprise. That's why I hope more bros join them for their betting needs/


BEST agent since ages ago!

Been with Resort ever since they started and recently topped up with Resort during Euros and won 4k, withdrawal was done within 10 minutes, definitely the BEST agent you can find out there, hands down any time.


Swift Reliable Flexible

Finally had my first withdrawer, everything was replied through watsapp and was suprise the replies was quick. From transfering and withdrawing. Definately one of the best i had tried before. 5 stars


Thank you bro

Manage to win some money today and guess what he manage to transfer me within 3 mins...really really good service overall euro is coming those punters who r looking for top notch agents you can try romeo service aka resortbet Highly recommend


Top notch

I've been supporting RB for almost one year already. Very patient and good service provider. Withdrawal is always fast and hassle free.


Fast and good

Have been follow resort bet bro for 2 weeks overall fast and good service just need be more flexible Keep up good work bro thanks Can tried his service overall a nice chap


Resort Bet = Best Of Best

Resort Bet = Best Of Best I lost few times last few months and today I wined back some and bro Resort Bet transfer the winning in 5 minutes !! usually top up within 5 mins too ! somemore the operationg hours is until 4am which i like best ! Thanks bro ! Huat !!

David 007


R's service is the fastest and top notch! withdrawal process done in just 5mins. hassle free playing!


good service

extremely reliable and efficient


Good and Fast Service

Good and Fast service. Humble agent out there willing to serve bros needs and request. Only downside is odds provided not so good compared to the others. Overall 8/10 can try!


Fast & Reliable

service is extremely fast and reliable.


Best agent

Very fast and responsive. Really really good services.


Super fast withdrawal

Asked for withdrawal at 11.17am, money is in 11.19am. What else do i need to say? Best of best agent out there with friendly staffs!


fast withdrawal!

depsoited 100$ at 9am and won $2000 at 12.30pm i won 5 show hand nba bets withdraw all my balance of 2000+ within 3 min , money in my bank! super reliable


good and efficient

This website is good and the service provide is top notch. Deposit and withdrawal is also quick Recommend to other bro out there


Efficient and reliable

Both top up and withdraw also efficient well done and keep up the good work


Very systematic and efficient

As the title says, R is very systematic and efficient, all request are complied with in the shortest time possible. Keep up the good work!


excellent service

fast deposit and withdrawal! trustable agent no doubt. asked for withdrawal today and got in within 15min.


Good experience, no delays

Had a great experience engaging bro R's service. Asked for deposit to place a bet and within minutes credit was in. Asked for withdrawal the next morning, less than an hour later funds are in. Good service thumbs up!


One of few BEST agent

This agent can be trusted with your hard-earning $.... do NOT worry about losing your $ to un-trusted agent.... go for him.... you won't be wrong and have PEACEFUL playing. Good Luck!


Money in 2mins

Requested to cash out 12.35pm today. Got money by 12.37pm. Go ATM also not so service


Keep It Up!

Fast Withdrawal as usual. Win 3k and within 15mins money in. Have been with bro for quite some time. His service is really outstanding. In terms of topping up and withdrawal. His customers will know what I meant. Highly Recommended!



3mins cash out money in bank , recommend this agent


Reliable agent

So far this agent service is good keep it up


Fast Withdrawal

Once again excellent service, request for withdrawal of 5k, done within an hour, Cheers


Experience with Resortbet

Opened acc on tues 26 Jan. First time withdrawal 28 Jan. Requested withdrawal at 9am for 4k+, Within 10 mins the $+ already in my account. By 11am 4k also in my account. My first experience with opening an account and playing offsite. Thanks bro Romeo for making it a good one. Patient guy, took time to explain to me cause I asked alot of questions as I wanted to be clear before I deposit my $. Jimmy


Experience with Resortbet

Opened acc on tues 26 Jan. First time withdrawal 28 Jan. Requested withdrawal at 9am for 4k+, Within 10 mins the $+ already in my account. By 11am 4k also in my account. My first experience with opening an account and playing offsite. Thanks bro Romeo for making it a good one. Patient guy, took time to explain to me cause I asked alot of questions as I wanted to be clear before I deposit my $. Jimmy


Superb service!

Been with them for over a year, recently won 1.7k, requested to withdraw at 12pm, within 10 minutes been informed money is in already, and shortly after been informed winning bonus have been credited to account. Really impressed with the top notch services even though they have been around for quite sometimes. Hereby wishing all Resort staffs a very happy chinese new year ahead and may your business propser!!


Efficient Agent

Fast and fuss free withdraw/top up. :)


withdrew 1207

withdrew 1207 money in within 30 minutes


fast withdrawal great service

Bro resort very responsive n courteous. Withdraw 5k+ less than 1 hr great bookie.


Service and reliablity

ResortBets have been in this line for a long time. i have been with them since first day. they are growing. And their withdrawal is immediate when i text them during morning time before going to office. keep up the good work. cheers

Mr T

Super trustworthy and reliable agent

Super good agent with fast n quick withdrawal. Even 10 plus k done in an hour. Good


1st withdraw...done in less then 1hr upon request

Fast n furious...highly recommended..


Trusted Agent

24/7 service, fast and reliable. Look no further, bet with resortbet now, thumbs up


Always Ready

Looking for agent that work 24/7? Look no further, Resort bro is the man. Played with him for few weeks and finally manage to request for withdraw. DONE in less than 10mins.Rebate is also in as requested. So far I got nothing to complaint about him! Keep up the good job bro!!


Thumbs up

Highly recommended 👍👍. His response time, initiative and CRM second to none. Finally I've an agent whom I can put my mind at ease. May the smooth transaction last as long as possible. Tired of changing and switching Acc / agent alr 😩


As promptly as usual!

Thumbs uo once again for fast withdrawal within mins! Even 5am in the morning service for topping up never fails. I really wonder do you really sleep bro! Lol...good service! Highly recommended!



Responsive agent. Fast top up and withdrawal. When u win big, doesnt give attitude unlike others. Take gd care clients.


Fast payout

Just won about 3k, requested for withdrawal and money was in less than an hour time! Won't hesitate to choose resort over any other agents, and will continue to support!


fast and reliable agent

this is a good agent ! 24/7 service time and cash out always on time without delay


2nd day withdrawal

second day withdrawal fast as usual


resort first time cashout

wanted to play this morning and he is the only agent awake so deposited with him. His top up is awesome and withdrawal within 30 mins. keep up the good work


Fast in topping up & cash out!

Once again Resortbet have achieved what he promised.. Fast top-up yesterday... Cash out 1k plus today and within 5mins its done...

Will not change agent for the time being..

Keep it up Bro! Well Done!

Daniel 21

Best agent 24/7

This agent I had been playing for 6-7months. Trust and reliable. Fast withdraw when you want fast out during the time range of withdraw. Somemore is 24/7.

Ah xiong

One of the best, if not the best.

Been with Resort for about over a year where they started off humbly with little recognition. Never been once that I regretted trying out them. Been hesitated to try because of their daily withdrawal seemed like a bad thing to me. But boy, their staffs proved to be friendly and fast in proceeding with your requests. Never have them missed any payments or took more than 10 minutes in topping up your account. Would strongly recommend all to try.


Good reliable trustworthy

They are very professional, reliable and trustworthy. Their topping up service is efficient and speedy. Friendly and good to approach.


Very very good service

Recently opened an account with resort. Everything fast and swift. Very friendly. Fast replies. Deposit and withdrawal are quick too! THUMBS UP LAAAA!!! TOES ALSO UP LAAA!


Fast and Friendly

Going through this forum i have decided to try resort bet seeing the website and the reviews.

All these while i was afraid to put my cash in any betting agents due to many reasons but guess now i feel at ease lest for resort bet.
Deposits was done within one to 5mins at most so far.
Withdrawal i tried at $4500 winnings was done unexpectedly within 30mins.
No questions asked on withdrawal, just give them my bank account and amount.
The operators also reply fast and friendly.

Guess will be playing with this agent till i quit betting.

P/S: Oh my daily winning bonus also automatically credited into my account without me asking.


Trustable Indeed!

Kena run by agent before, thats why I scare to bet again. Until my friends strongly recommended me Resortbet... Been Playing with him for quite some time. His top-up is fast (I mean real FAST!) cash out is within 5mins inside my acc.

A very trustable agent instead.. Strongly Recommended to Players out there! Try him and u know what I mean!


Reliable and fast response

Good service. Fast service. NO problem cashing out on winnings.


Best Agent

I have tried several agents before. Slow in topping up, or even slower in cash out. But Resortbet is the best! Fast in topping up, Before U can login, he already credited in. Cash out within 5mins is already done.

No way I am changing agent.

U are the Best Bro!

Keep It up!


Impressive Agent

Don't waste ur time finding Agent! He is the one.

Keep It up Bro Romeo!


Fast Good Service

Just tried Resortbet. Good service and Fast Cash Out!


Fastest TOP-UP!

This agent is the fastest top-up I encountered. Within 1min amount credited into my player acc!

Cash out is fast as certified by the rest of the testimonials..

Thumbs Up Bro!



fast service so far

wanted to bet champion league youth match just now....msg bro to top up...within 2mins credit are in my account already...friendly and talkable...sometime he give football tips too...keep the service going!!!


Best Agent. Fast & Furious!

Fast in top up! Fast in Cash out! Try it & u will know!!!


Fast and reilable service!!

Fast and reilable service!! within 5mins i got my new account...coustomer service top notch!! got my 5% winning bonus too..will carry on to sapport him!!


Once again Fast and reliable agent!

Made another withadrawal 10 minutes. Really very fast service in terms of withdrawal and deposit. Even wee hours! I am dropping my other agent from now on. Well done!


Reliable and Swift Agent

5 stars to Romeo, always reachable 24/7. Messages are answered within 5 minutes. Keep up the good work.

Bet for fun

Fast and reliable!

Very prompt service. Less then 5 mins I got my withdrawal. Highly reccomended!



Lucky win $2000 yesterday. Request for cash-out @10am. The next message I received was "DONE" @10.05am Short fast and direct. No time wasting. Keep it up!


Fast & Good!

Top up 1min! Cash out 5mins !

Trustable efficient Agent!

Rick Lim

Good Job!

Excellent service provided, quick to respond to request.


Top Service

Best Agent i have ever played under. Fast withdrawal upon cashing out your winnings. Just a sms on your winning day and money is in my bank account in less than 5 mins. Strongly recommend this agent for all punters out there. Try to believe his services.




friendly and fast service agent

had support bro for a while...its his friendly service that make me keep come back to him...keep the good service going!

Pi kao

Fast & Responsive Agent!

Fast Service in Cash out. Msg him 9am for cash out. 9.02am he tell me money is in my acc together with my bonus. Will intro more customers! Keep it up bro!

Daniel Tan

Fastest Service

Fastest service I met. Once cash in, within 1min my sportsbook acc credit is added

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